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The First St. Petersburg Music Festival

About the festival 

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Sergey Slonimsky
Andrey Petrov
Valery Gergiev
Boris Tishchenko
Vladislav Chernushenko
Yury Temirkanov
Yelena Obraztsova
Galina Vishnevskaya
Yakov Dubravin


Creative work of whole pleiad of eminent musicians of the second half of 20th and beginning of 21nd centuries such as S. Slonimsky, V. Gergiev, B. Tishchenko, V. Chernushenko, Yu. Temirkanov, Ye. Obraztsova, G. Vishnevskaya, Ya. Dubravin is the spiritual wealth of Saint-Petersburg. The mission of the music festival “Names of Petersburg” is maintaining and handing down the tradition gifted us.

Rinat Sharirov is the author of project and the art director of the festival.

The first festival is founded by Union of the Concert Figures of St.Petersburg, the Mariinsky Theatre, the Maly Opera Theatre named by Mussorgsky.

Honorary members of administration are Sergey Slonimsky, Stanislav Gorkovenko, Yakov Dubravin, Vladislav Chernushenko, Leonid Gakkel, Mikhail Shemiakin, Yevgeny Rein, Alexander Kushner.

The first festival of “Names of Petersburg” series is dedicated to work of brilliant composer, pianist, pedagogue Sergey Mikhailovich Slonimsky who notably represents hereditary intelligentsia of Petersburg.

Sergey Slonimsky imbibed the best virtues of his ancestry: the great-grandfather, a scientist who was in 1845 awarded the Demidov Prize for contrivig a computing apparatus; the grandfather, a journalist of “Herald of Europe” for whom the life of our county was a live substance but not only subject of history; while his father, Mikhail Leonidovich Slonimsky, a famous Russian writer, and his oncle, a notable musicologist, attached him to world of high poetry and music.

Sergey Slonimsky being a successor of masters of Petersburg composer and musical performer school of 19th—20th centuries is able to blend its contrast tendencies together in his new and original music. His universality allows him to create music of all genres — from little masterpieces for children to monumental operas, ballets, symphonies, music for theatre and cinema.

Sergey Mikhailovich Slonimsky is People's artist of Russia, the State Prize of the Russian Federation winner, the Glinka Prize winner, the Saint Petersburg Government Prize winner, the Tsarskoselskaya Art Prize winner, a professor, the member of the Education Academy of Russia, he was awarded the Commodore Cross decoration for services to Poland.


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The author of project and the art director of the festival:
Rinat Shakirov, a pianist.

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