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F. Yarullin—R. Shakirov. The “Shurale” suite
The Shakirov-performer's characteristic features, such as rapt listening to piano timbre color, attention to expressive details, detailed and advisable agogics are reflected in partly composer work by musician: the “Shurale” suite on the ballet by F. Yarullin. Just on the ballet but not from the ballet. This is original author's elaboration, free association of various episodes, creation of the new musical forms on their basis.
Download(1'39" — 1.13 mb)
Evil Spirits' Procession:
Download— March I (1'41" — 1.16 mb)
Download— “Mermaids” (1'01" — 724 kb)
Download— “Dwarts” (0'56" — 661 kb)
Download— March II (0'45" — 553 kb)
Download(2'06" — 1.37 mb)
Duet of Byltyr and Suimbikeh
Download(5'16" — 3.38 mb)

J. S. Bach. Partita No 6
Rinat Shakirov is known as original, unexpected performer. But there isn't any striving for astonishing the public. On the contrary remarkable sincerity is the distinctive feature of his playing.
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Download(1'08" — 792 kb)

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